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iExplorer Crack

iExplorer 4.6.1 Crack Tools have been part of the browser since the previous version. However, probably due to the bad reputation that IE has had since version 6, it did not become popular among web developers. Now IE9 has meant a real break with everything that the Microsoft browser had meant, from a negative point of view, until now.  It’s time to give them a new chance, get to know them, and discover the new features that have been introduced to them.

The simplest is to press the F12 button in any browser tab. The other way to access them is to press the ALT key to bring up the iExplorer menu. In this menu, we must select “Tools” and then “Developer Tools”. It is possible to anchor them to the bottom of the window by pressing the upper right button so that we can continue to interact with the window normally at the same time.

Huge Global Network:

When we use the tools, it is important to highlight that each tool window is completely independent of the others. So we can have as many open as the number of tabs in the browser. The Internet is a huge global network made up of many other interconnected networks that come together to provide information services. The World Wide Web is a hyperlink-based information system that facilitates access to a wide variety of electronic documents. iExplorer is a browser (software) used to navigate and access information available on the Web.


The tools are generally organized into two menu areas: the top menu (called “Command Bar”) contains menus that allow us to manipulate the web page that we have loaded in the window. The strip of tabs immediately below it (called “Mode Tab”) allows us to select the type of tool we want to use. Below the Mode Tab, there is a specific menu for each mode or tab, which will contain icons adapted to it. At the opposite end of this specific menu, in each mode. If we continue down we will find two panels:

The panel on the left (called “Primary Content Pane”) will show the specific information of the tab, while on the right there is another panel (called “Property Pane”) that helps us display information on element properties. A new strip of tabs can appear above the properties panel, which gives us access to the different types of properties that the element has (or different views of the same information)

Key Features Of iExplorer 4.6.1 Crack


From this menu, we can undo the changes and select the viewer for the source code (by default, IE’s viewer).


This menu contains an option to activate the tool that allows you to select an element by clicking on it. Useful for identifying a page element within the DOM tree.


Makes it easy to disable IE elements, such as the use of CSS files or the popup blocker.


Contains options to display more information about page elements, such as their IDs or the URLs they point to.


From this menu, we can activate additional information about the images that the page contains, such as its dimensions, size, path, etc.


With this menu, we can manipulate the browser cache, both for browsing and for cookies.


This menu gives us access to different tools that allow us, among other functions, to find out the RGB pattern of color, change the User Agent string for a custom value, etc.


This menu contains access to validate the different components of the web page. HTML, CSS, RSS Feed, etc.

Browse Mode:

The Browse Mode allows you to configure how the browser is going to be presented to the server. When requesting the page, being able to do it like previous versions of IE.

Document Mode –

This menu controls the rendering engine used to load the page. HTML: Manipulation of the DOM tree that represents how the iExplorer engine has rendered the web page.


Allows us to debug and inspect the JavaScript code.

iExplorer Crack

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